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If you have been looking for a community to belong to or connect with where you would be welcomed with no strings attached, then you have found it.  We really do believe in “No Perfect People Allowed” and openly admit we are all walking through this life together and need help.  At our Burbank Campus we Love God, Love Others and Love Life and believe it really can be that simple.  We can’t wait to meet you when you stop by for a visit!  Come as you are, grab some donut holes and coffee, and just sit back and relax.


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You’re not who you used to be. You’ve changed with age & maturity. We all do. There are certain activities, toys, and ideas we clung to as kids, and outgrew as adults. And, for a growing number of us, God is at the top of that list. As we got older, wiser, more educated, and more experienced, we began to realize that the image of God we’d been handed as a child doesn’t work for us anymore. It seems overly simplistic, primitive, outdated, kid-ish. So, what do we do with this realization? What do you do when you suspect that you might’ve outgrown God?



Dave is married to Karrie and has 4 children ranging from 7 to 15. They absolutely love the City of Burbank and have huge hearts for their city. You can find them around the city at coffee shops, taking their dogs for a walk or simply hanging out at school activities for their kids.

  • "Great place to feel love and praise God. No judging just genuine, selfless giving. My favorite destination all week is Sunday at South Hills."

    C. Robinson
  • "Love South Hills! Excited to become part of their community! Very welcoming!"

    G. Montgomery
  • "This church has changed our lives around and it is continuing to change it for the better. We never thought we would find so much love in one place and devotion to serve and care for others. God is wonderful and I am blessed that he has brought my husband and I to this place."

    N. Rice


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