June, 2019

15jun - 16All DayTeaching Series - Week 4NEW


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NEW. If you’ve ever thumbed through a Gideon Bible at a hotel, you may have noticed that it’s divided into two sections, or testaments, the old and the new. The New Testament begins with the story of Jesus, who uses this word “new” a lot. He interprets old, familiar passages of Scripture in revolutionary, new ways and turns the religious community upside down. He spoke of a new covenant, a new commandment, and a new way of living. What do these things mean? And how do they have the potential to change everything?

5 identical 1-hour services to choose from on Saturday at 5pm & 6:30pm* and Sunday at 8:30, 10 & 11:30am

*ASL Interpreter in adult service and sensory friendly elementary environment


June 15 (Saturday) - 16 (Sunday)


South Hills Burbank Campus

222 S. Victory Blvd

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