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Bienvenidos a South Hills Puerto Rico

Creemos que la iglesia debe ser un lugar donde todos sean bienvenidos y todos puedan pertenecer, independientemente de su raza, clase o credo. Hacemos todo lo posible para crear ese ambiente en South Hills, y nos encantaría que vengas a verlo por ti mismo.

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Nos encantaría conectar con usted. Ya sea una llamada telefónica, un correo electrónico o una taza de café, este formulario es la mejor manera de comenzar con respecto a cualquier solicitud de oración, preguntas o comentarios que tenga.


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All together now

Ever know you need to do something to grow, but it’s really going to stretch you, so you’re stalling? Maybe you’re not sure how to go about it, or what all it entails. Maybe you just know it’s going to be tough. Maybe you’re halfway convinced it’s the right thing, but you’re waiting for the right time. When your next step feels like a big step, it’s intimidating to imagine going it alone. But what if you didn’t have to? What if we all went with you?


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Dollian Pastoriza

Nacido y criado en Arecibo, Puerto Rico, Dollian entregó su vida a Jesús a la edad de 13 años. Se mudó a Dorado hace 5 años y comenzó a asistir a la iglesia South Hills en 2017 y comenzó a servir como líder de Primeras Impresiones. A Dollian le encanta el baloncesto y leer sobre liderazgo y negocios. Él cree que la iglesia es un lugar para todos sin importar su condición, apariencia o forma de vida.

  • "This church has changed our lives around and it is continuing to change it for the better. We never thought we would find so much love in one place and devotion to serve and care for others. God is wonderful and I am blessed that he has brought my husband and I to this place."
    Nancy R.
  • "Ever since Ruth began attending South Hills, she would always speak of how wonderful and how moving the church was. Once I came home from overseas, I began attending and shared the same feelings as her. It has been a wonderful experience being a part of the South Hills family."
    Pablo C.
  • "At South Hills Church, you feel an authentic hospitality when you are greeted in a genuine family atmosphere. The worship experience is vibrant and creates an atmosphere of sanctified spiritual energy where we can celebrate Jesus."
    Justin & Debbie H.