The Production team at South Hills Burbank serves behind-the-scenes to support our worship band and speakers by developing and using our gifts and talents intentionally to allow church-goers to experience Jesus in new and engaging ways.

We create a welcoming environment that focuses our guests’ attention on the message of the gospel, while presenting it in an exciting way. We try to minimize distractions by pursuing excellence in execution, but our ultimate goal is to allow people to marvel at the goodness of God, not the quality of our production.


ProPresenter Operator
The ProPresenter Operator runs the slides and plays audio-visual elements from the presentation computer in the tech booth. The ProPresenter Operator must be highly focused and attentive to everything that is happening during service. No previous experience or technical knowledge is necessary, you just have to know how to use a computer mouse and keyboard.

Audio Mixer
The audio mixer uses the sound mixing console to adjust the relative loudness of different sound sources during the service. This primarily means mixing the vocals and instruments during worship songs, turning audio effects on and off, and transitioning between different pieces of sound. Some sound mixing experience is helpful. The audio mixer works with the Production Coordinator and reports to the Worship Pastor.

Production Coordinator
The Production Coordinator is responsible for all Production aspects of the Sunday service. This means executing the Production plan for the weekend, facilitating communcation between everyone on stage and in the tech booth, and anticipating & troubleshooting problems.

Weekday Volunteer
Weekday volunteers help us prepare the presentations for our Sunday services & special events, or aid with administrative work such as maintaining our podcast and YouTube channel. No previous experience is necessary, but some computer skills are helpful.


Prepare in prayer. Pray God’s heart for His people each and every time you serve.

Communicate your schedule & serve when scheduled. Using Planning Center Online, keep the Production Coordinator informed of when you are available or unavailable to serve. Communicate as soon as possible if you need a replacement. Be considerate and do not cancel when you have agreed to serve unless it is truly an emergency. When you serve, be ready and arrive on time.

Be focused and attentive. More than in any other volunteer position, serving in Production requires you to pay close attention to everything that is happening during the service to ensure that things are executed correctly from beginning to end and anticipate problems. You are not able to experience church in the same way you do when you are a regular guest on Sundays. Instead, you need to give the production of the service your full attention. When possible, we encourage you to serve one service and attend one service.

Be receptive to feedback. The Production Coordinator is here to make sure that the service runs smoothly and that everyone has the tools they need to do their job well. Sometimes this means giving constructive feedback that is intended to develop skills. Be receptive to feedback and don’t take it personally.

Listen to all worship songs before Sunday. All worship songs for the coming weekend are available in Planning Center. Be sure to listen to each song and become familiar with it so you are ready and know what to expect when you serve.

Assume the best in each other. Take the approach that our staff team and other team members have our best interests in mind. Love each other and help us create the culture you want to be a part of.

Help us multiply and develop people. As a member of our team, help develop and train new people to serve in Production.

Help us by consistently asking yourself:

  1. “Who do I know that could serve where I am serving?”
  2. “What other positions on the team could I learn?”
  3. “What ideas do I have that could help our team get better?”


Ready to get started? Our sign-up process is easy!

  1. Fill out a brief Volunteer Application to help us get to know you.
  2. The Production Coordinator will get in touch with you about your interests and send you an invitation to our online scheduling platform, Planning Center Online.
  3. If you are not already registered for Planning Center Online, complete the registration to create a profile.
  4. The Production Coordinator will schedule you to “shadow” a volunteer — watch what they do and see how it impacts the church.
  5. If you are still interested in volunteering, the Production Coordinator will train you and begin scheduling you to serve.