Your story is a treasure. Throughout the Bible, we see examples of people who encountered God and went on to tell others of their awesome experience. These eyewitness accounts were so intriguing that listeners would be compelled to investigate and seek God out for themselves.

When you share the story of what God has done in your life, you tap into a powerful experience that is unique to YOU. Your story shows others what following God really looks like in everyday life. And sharing your story reminds you of all of the ways God’s goodness has impacted your life and strengthens your own faith as you face daily challenges. Whether it is the story of what happened when you first decided to commit your life to Jesus, how God was faithful during a difficult time in your life, how you trusted God with your resources, or what you learned when you took a big step of faith, you have a story that only you can tell. We want to hear it.


Thank you for taking the time to consider sharing your story with us.

Here are a few prompts to help you start crafting your story. You don’t have to answer all of these questions, but thinking through them can help you focus on what you want to say. Remember: there’s no right answer and sometimes the simplest stories are the most powerful!


– Introduce yourself: tell us your name, what you do for work, where you live.

– Describe your life in one paragraph or less.


– What was it like growing up?

– What was your family like?  What did you believe?


– How did your relationship with Jesus start? What steps led to the decision to follow Jesus?

– How did you find South Hills Church? What influenced you to make South Hills your home?

– Tell the story of a time in your life when you felt you had to take a big step of faith.  What happened?  What was the result?

– What is a lesson in your faith that you learned or are learning? What events in your life taught you this lesson?

– What are your favorite things about South Hills?

– What else should we know about you and your faith?

Not a writer? You can send your story to us as a video!