Since we are all in this together and facing things we never anticipated, we want to help. Through a series of interviews with various professionals we want to speak into areas of grief/loss, finances, fitness, and other areas that are practical for us all.

Ep. 1

A casual conversation with Kim Dodd, AMFT, to help navigate the ups and downs we all feel during times of quarantine, isolation and grief. We have all lost something during this time and grief is a very real process we all must go through. We hope this talk with help you as you make that journey…and keep in mind, you are not alone in it.

Ep. 2

A casual conversation with Ryan Terry, CFP, to help all of us handle the financial situation we are in. If you are continuing to earn a pay check or not, there are some financial principles you can learn to make sure you make it through this time. Lean in and we hope this talk helps.

Ep. 3

A casual conversation with Mayor Sharon Springer to help us get to know her better and learn how we can all work together to help our city. We don’t have to draw political lines when it comes to helping others.

Ep. 4

A casual conversation with Brandon and Andrea McDaniel to help you handle the “Quarantine 15” and how the lack of rhythm affects us all. We want to talk health and fitness so every one of us can become more healthy in our everyday lives. We hope this chat helps you develop some healthy habits and learn a little something in the process.

Ep. 5

Listen in on a very honest, raw and transparent conversation about about personal stories regarding race and injustice. This is a completely unedited Zoom conversation that we hope will help you learn and listen to other perspectives and experiences. Together we can help become the change.

Ep. 6

If you are the parent of a school-age student, you have probably been thinking a lot about virtual learning. There are so many concerns about how to do it well, create a healthy home environment and more. Talks That Help were created for this very reason and in the newest episode, we interview Karen Workman, mother of 4 and home-schooler of many more. Karen has insights that are incredibly helpful…and a wonderful New Zealand accent that will make your time listening even more pleasant.