If you’ve been waiting for the right time to invite your family, friend, or neighbor to church, we believe this is it! Included below are some ways to share information about our online service on social media and to invite them to Church Online.


    1. Download one of the images below.
    2. Write a caption that includes the URL, or use one of the suggested captions below.
    3. Post the photo with a caption to your social media channel!



Here are some suggested captions for you to use on social media along with an image from above. Or feel free to write your own & include what you love about South Hills Corona & why you’re excited for church online.

Asking for a Friend Series

Starting this Sunday, my church is doing a series of online talks about all the questions you have about God, faith, & spirituality, called “Asking for a Friend”. We’re going to tackle and unpack all the questions we want to ask, but, well, don’t know if we can. Questions like: Can I be a Christian, and have doubts? Is the Bible even reliable? What about other religions, aren’t they all pretty much the same?  I am so excited to explore these and more, and I’d love it if you joined me! It’s Sunday at 10am. Go to for more info.

Do you ever have questions about God or faith, but feel like you’re not supposed to ask THAT question? Well, me too. Which is why I’d love to invite you to join me over the next few Sundays at 10am for a series of talks at my church called “Asking for a Friend” about just that. There’s more info at

Is the Bible actually reliable? Isn’t it full of errors? And what’s with Baptism? If God really cared, why does he let… this happen? Ever wished you could ask someone these kind of questions and get a real answer? My church is doing a series all about these kinds of questions over the next few Sundays at 10am & I’d love for you to join us. Hit up for more info.