Kid Nation is the name of our children’s program here at South Hills. We think church ought to be fun, safe, engaging, and applicable in every stage of life, which is why we’ve designed environments specifically for babies, toddlers, and elementary-age kids. We’re confident your child will make friends, experience the unconditional love of God, and learn to practically apply His Word in their everyday lives, all with the help of incredible, well-trained adult leaders.

Kid Nation happens every Sunday during our 8:30, 10:00, 11:30AM services.

We also offer a family viewing area at every service, featuring comfortable seating, plenty of wiggle room for small children to stretch their legs & play, and large HD monitors with a live video feed from the main auditorium.

In addition, our creative team plans over-the-top family fun events at least one Sunday a month with special activities, attractions, guests & giveaways, alongside our regular weekly programing. Watch our online event calendar, campus Facebook page, or in-service announcement sheets for details on what’s next.

For more information, or to find out how you can help in this area, contact Gretchen Smith at


South Hills Students is the name of our youth program here at South Hills for students in grades 7-12. We want to provide Middle & High Schoolers a safe place to be themselves, build healthy friendships, connect with caring adult mentors, and gather tools for making wise, values-based choices in the real world.

South Hills Students happens every Wednesday night, beginning at 6:30pm in our main auditorium.

The first few Wednesdays of the month revolve around what we call SQUADS, small conversational groups arranged according to age and gender. Squad nights open with off-the-wall competitions & a brief, Scripture-based life lesson inside a larger group, then break into smaller discussion groups designed to help students make real friends, openly explore faith, and receive guidance from an engaged adult leader.

On the last Wednesday of the month we host a blowout youth event featuring a live band, guest speaker, enviable giveaways, and an extended themed after-party. We cleverly call these big hurrahs “The Last Wednesday”.

For more information, or to find out how you can help in this area, contact Ashley Barrett at