One of our 2021 goals as a church community is to take intentional steps to grow spiritually. Some of these resources are things the church offers, while others are available for you to invest in as an individual. If you have any questions, please email our Next Steps Pastor Cathy Murphy.


  • “Read Every Day” Bible Reading Plan – (Click To Join The Reading Plan)
    • Join the South Hills community in a reading plan throughout 2021. Sometimes we set big goals of reading the most Bible ever, and Read Every Day is focused on providing a framework to consistently and realistically read some scripture every day. Available in your web browser or on your smart phone.
  • Discover Class One – Next Class TBA
    • Discover 1 provides a helpful look at how the Christian faith evolved 
throughout human history & why that matters today – specifically what the purpose and importance of the local church is. 

We’ll also unpack the vision & values we strive to embody at South Hills, 
explain a few of the fun quirks that make us unique,
 and outline how you can get more involved.
  • Discover Class Two – Next Class TBA
    • In Discover 2 we teach how to arrange your everyday life 
in a way that will help your faith become enriched and deeply rooted in your life. We’ll discuss the power of ancient spiritual disciplines 
in a modern context & help you make a personal 
action plan to deepen your relationship with God.
  • Infinitum Life (Click To Explore)
    • This is a free website and app that combines scripture reading, prayer, and meditation.

Book and Reading Recommendations: