(re)gifting week 1

 In Podcast – Burbank

What you do with what you have shows where your true priorities lie. *Students in a classroom staring blankly with a lifeless expression*…  We’re talking about money folks and what you do with it, to be clear this isn’t some ploy to make people give more money to church, It’s actually something I’ve personally developed with my TRILLIONAIRE friend where if you purchase 80 cases of our TOTALY GAME CHANGING energy drink, sell it to your friends, and then get your friends to sell MORE under your name, that just means more money for YOU, It’s simple…This week Pastor Dave talks about how we have a responsibility to use what we have to honor God and to love others.


Verses Referenced

James 1:17 [ESV]

James 1:17 [MSG]

Mark 12:41-44

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