Campus Staff

Campus Staff Directory


JR Carmichael || Campus Pastor

Janette Troncoso || SHK Director

DayShawn Mojica || Worship Pastor

Maria Martinez ||  Preschool Director

Clarins Matta || First Impressions Coordinator

Patricia Priore || Campus Coordinator

Christian Ross || Production Coordinator


Adam Smith || Campus Pastor

Christian Reyes || Production Coordinator

Gretchen Smith || Next Steps Director

Jessica Porsley || Campus Coordinator

John Wells || Photo/Video Apprentice

JR Tumanuvao || Worship Director

Marissa Cummings || SHK Director

Nate Cummings || Family Ministry Pastor

Costa Mesa:

Chris Kretzu || Campus Pastor

Cathy Murphy || Campus Coordinator

Deon Vargas || Music Director

Jamie Hernandez || Worship Director

Kristen McGuire || Production Coordinator

Lee-Anne Gasparik || SHK Director

Alec Alvarado || Students Pastor


Randy Sherwood || Campus Pastor

Jessica Johnson || SHK Director

Lysette Pedersen || Worship Director

Rhonda Palomares || First Impressions Coordinator

Manhattan Beach:

Bryon Bos || Campus Pastor

Darci Bos || First Impressions Coordinator

David Magaña || Music Director

Sophie Magaña || Worship Director

Roger Cummins || Next Steps & Tech Director

Ali Bodager || Campus Coordinator


Ozzie Vaca || Campus Pastor

Carlos Austin || Worship Director

Linda McKinney || SHK Director

Santa Clarita:

Efren Peña || Campus Pastor

Joshua Ordonez || Worship Director

Wendy Mahotz || First Impressions Coordinator

Adam & Bekah Endeman || Student Directors

Michelle Du Prey-Harambasic || Preschool Director

Monica Peña || SHK Director

South County:

James Valencia || Campus Pastor

Tamara Smith || Next Steps Coordinator

Angela Williams || SHK Director


Christopher Cooper || Campus Pastor

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If you have questions that you don’t feel can be answered through one of these forms or documents, please reach out to the appropriate Central staff member, which can be found here.