And not hyper-spiritual, holier-than-thou, completely un-relatable people, but real people—normal, everyday, just-like-you people. It’s people who are imperfect, make mistakes, haven’t arrived, and don’t have it all figured out. It’s people from different backgrounds and upbringings, from both sides of the tracks, and both sides of the isle. It’s people who believe God is up to something big and bold and beautiful on this earth, and want to broadcast that fact as best they can with the way they live and love and talk and serve and give.



If you’ve ever thumbed through a Gideon Bible at a hotel, you may have noticed that it’s divided into two sections, or testaments, the old and new. The New Testament begins with the story of Jesus, who uses this word “new” a lot. He interprets old, familiar passages of Scripture in revolutionary, new ways and turns the religious community upside down. He spoke of a new covenant, a new commandment, and a new way of living. What do these things mean? And how do they have the potential to change everything?


South Hills Music

We've recently began releasing original songs collaboratively written, performed & recorded by artists from our various campuses, that represent the heart and soul of our church. Our first worship single, "ALIVE WITHIN ME" is available now.



Chris Sonksen

Lead pastors Chris and Laura Sonksen had a vision of creating churches that unchurched people would love to attend. The first few years South Hills experienced incredible growth, and in a very short time purchased their first property and began to build. Since then, South Hills has grown into a multi-campus ministry spanning several states. Chris and Laura have been married since 1991 and have two adult children, Grace and Aidan.


Moses Camacho

Executive pastors Moses & Jill Camacho have invested their lives into building local churches. They truly believe the local church is the vehicle that God uses to change more lives than any other organization. It's their heart to build a healthy organization that will be relentless about seeing life change. Moses and Jill have been married for 15 years and have 3 young boys Caleb, Caden, and Ezra.



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