In the Christian tradition, giving is divided into two categories: tithes and offerings. To tithe is to give the first tenth of all you get back to God through your local church. An offering is anything you give above & beyond your tithe.

God asks His people to give to His work on multiple occasions throughout Scripture. He has always elected to partner with people to accomplish His purposes on earth. And while resources are required to bring vision to life, it wasn’t their money God was ultimately after. It was their heart. It just so happens that the two are intertwined.

Jesus taught you could steer your heart with the way you spend your money. And God wants the heart of His people to beat for Him and His church. When you give the first and best of your money, what you’re really giving is the first and best of your heart.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”

Matthew 6:21

90-Day Giving Challenge

This 90-day challenge is a way of giving giving a try on a training wheels trial basis; to experiment with this life-changing spiritual discipline.

Here’s how it works:


Let us know you want to take the 90-Day Giving Challenge by clicking the link below to notify our team.


We’ll send you an email back with tips on how to reorganize your finances over the next 90-Days to give tithing a try.


You test tithing for 90-days, giving the first 10% of what you earn to God through South Hills.


At the end of that time frame, if you don’t believe God has used this discipline to better your life & connection to him, simply ask us for a full refund.