SAT 5PM & 6:30PM*, SUN 8:30AM, 10AM & 11:30AM

*ASL Interpreter in the adult service & sensory-friendly elementary environment


If you have been looking for a community to belong to or connect with where you would be welcomed with no strings attached, then you have found it.  We strive to be “The Perfect Place for Imperfect People” – we’re all just trying to figure life out.  We hope that after you come visit, South Hills Burbank feels like a safe place for you to do that!  Come as you are, grab some donut holes (or cookies on Saturdays) and coffee, and just sit back and relax.


16sepAll DayNew South Hills Groups

18sep6:46 pm- 8:30 pmSouth Hills Students

21sep10:30 am- 12:30 pmFinancial Peace University

25sep6:46 pm- 8:30 pmSouth Hills Students TLW

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Ever feel like maybe church doesn’t work? A lot of people who go look like they’re just going through the motions. And their lives and levels of happiness don’t seem to be increasing or improving. They’re going, but not really growing. Why is that? Is church a thing of the past? Is it time to leave it behind? Or could it be that in order to get something significant out of it, we might need to change our approach to it?



Dave is married to Karrie and has 4 children ranging from 9 to 17. They absolutely love the City of Burbank and have huge hearts for their city. You can find them around the city at coffee shops, taking their dogs for a walk or simply hanging out at school activities for their kids.

  • Such Amazing and Giving People.
    Raha A.
  • The staff, pastors, and congregation are very friendly - great donuts and coffee is a plus. The music was out of this world and Pastor Dave was very insightful, comical, and inspiring. Most of all, my kids love it!

    David J.
  • South Hills is one of the coolest churches I have ever been to. There is no pressure to be perfect, no pressure to dress nice. Just come as you are and meet some amazing people...oh and the donut holes and coffee!

    Ashlee N.
  • I have never felt so welcomed in a church before. There is so much love for the community. South Hills takes the command to love your neighbor literally and it shows how much they love the city of Burbank. If you're looking for a home, this is that home!

    Matthew B.
  • It's the only church I've found that doesn't ask for anything more than for you to show love for God, for each other and for your community. The love is so abundant here and makes all the difference.

    Maria O.
  • Great Biblical teaching and community! Whether you've gone to church a long time or are just checking out the church scene for the first time, you'll feel welcome!

    Kaitlyn E.


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