South Hills Students is the ministry for middle school and high school students at South Hills Church. We want to provide a safe and fun place for students to connect, belong and grow.


South Hills Students has multiple ways for middle and high school students to connect online!

1) ONLINE STUDENTS SERVICES are every Wednesday at 6pm over Zoom! During the online service, we have small groups, games, prizes and watch a very short message together.

2) We also have a DISCORD COMMUNITY just for middle and high school students. Think of this has an online community where students from South Hills Burbank can meet each other, have a group text, play video games together and even request prayer. Download the app HERE and join our Discord by clicking the button below. For more information about Discord, check out these articles: What is Discord?, What Parents Are Saying, How to Make Discord Safer for Your Kids.

3) Every Monday through the Discord app, we will be playing AMONG US together from 6-7pm (sometimes longer!). This is the best way to meet other students!

4) We also upload really short and relatable VIDEO MESSAGES every Thursday on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Check them out HERE

To access to EVERYTHING listed above, sign up using the button below!

Our number one priority in SHS is safety.  Not just physical safety, which we show by using check in, volunteer security, and by running background checks.  But we are also big about provided a place where students are safe emotionally and spiritually as well.  SHS is a safe place to doubt and ask questions as well as a safe place to be “real” without any masks…metaphorically, because we’re obviously going to be all wearing actual masks…

Everything we do in SHS points back to students growing in community with each other and with leaders. We champion small groups (Squads) more than anything else, because that’s where students will be able to be guiding intentionally through healthy relationships. Everything we do points back to the idea that we all need community, whether we know it or not.

If SHS is a safe place where students can be “real” and grow in relationships with one another and with leaders – then we have the privilege to teach them about how much God loves them through Jesus Christ and the gospel.