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Welcome to South Hills Students

South Hills Students is the Middle School and High School Ministry of South Hills Church. Our mission at South Hills Students is to help every middle school and high school student have an everyday kind of faith where they know how to hear from God, how to talk to God, and how to talk to others about God. 

MID-WEEK experience


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222 s. Victory blvd, BURBANK, CA

For Parents

Our number one priority in SHS is safety. Definitely physical safety, but we are also big about provided a place where students are safe emotionally and spiritually as well. SHS is a safe place to doubt and ask questions as well as a safe place to be “real” and not hide who you are.

Everything we do in SHS points back to students growing in community with each other and with leaders. Everything we do points back to the idea that we all need community, whether we know it or not.

If SHS is a safe place where students can be “real” and grow in relationships with one another and with leaders – then we have the privilege to teach them about how much God loves them through Jesus Christ and the gospel.