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Everyone loves finding their people. Y’know, that group of people you can be real, honest, and authentic with. The people who will walk with you through the lows and highs of life. We all crave that kind of connection, and often times it feels elusive. But what if God is asking you to be someone who helps create that kind of connection? We get it, not everyone feels like they are qualified to lead a Bible study, but that’s the beauty of Growth Groups: connection to others that helps you and them grow in your faith and life can be done in so many unique ways. Are you a passionate knitter? Do you get pumped hiking? Love reading fiction? Want to find support for a specific needs group? Why not take that thing you already love and start a group? Maybe this is the year you step up and Host a group, create connection, and who knows, find connection yourself. If you’re interested in seeing what it might look like to Host a Group, sign up here for more info.

Group Hosts Spring


Feb 06 - 27 2022


South Hills Corona
2585 S Main St, Corona, CA 92882
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