Next Steps

Taking a next step beyond attending church on Sunday is a big deal.  GrowING in your faith, deepening your relationship with God, and connecting with others all happen when you begin to take steps. But you don't have to figure it out alone. Learn more below about the step that's rigth for you!

New to South Hills? We recommend Discover as your first step.



Want to learn more about who we are, what we offer as a church, and how you can get more involved? Discover is your one-stop-shop. You’ll get a chance to talk with some of the campus staff, learn more about South Hills, and meet some people that are newer just like you!


Rooted is a ten-week journey to connect you with God, the church, and your purpose. Maybe you’re new to church, and even skeptical about following Jesus. Or perhaps you’ve been a Christian for a long time. No matter where you are on your faith journey—Rooted is for you. Why? Because we know God moves and transforms us when we courageously step out and open more aspects of our lives to Him.


Following Jesus

If you have recently said “Yes” to Jesus for the first time, or if you re-committed your life to Jesus, we are so excited for you! This is such an incredible decision, and we would love to be able to encourage you, answer any questions you might have, and help you get started on that journey!


Baptism is an outward expression of an inward transformation. When someone decides to devote their life to Jesus Christ, this ancient practice symbolizes being buried and then raised to new life. It is a defining moment in the life of a believer. When ready, we would love to help you take this significant next step.



Church isn’t just about attending services. It’s about building relationships. We all need the encouragement and accountability of others to help move us in the right direction. Groups are a great place to make these connections and grow with a small group of people who meet regularly during the week.



God gave each of us unique talents and abilities, and His intention is that we use those to partner with Him. What does that mean in the context of church? Well, we’ve all been places where we felt “at home” right away. That feeling didn’t happen magically, someone helped create it by setting their needs aside long enough to consider & provide for yours. We want to be these types of people, who practically take on the work of serving others first.

Need some help figuring out your Next Step?
We would love to help! Shoot us a message and we someone from our team will be in touch.

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