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Welcome to South Hills Riverside, a place where regardless of what you believe about God, your spiritual history, or your church background, you can belong here. We know it can be scary and a little bit intimidating to walk into a new church, don’t worry, there aren’t any perfect people here. In fact, South Hills is the perfect place for imperfect people. All the pressure’s off, so just come as you are.  At South Hills you’ll find great music, real life conversations, authentic people, and a place your kids will love!

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South Hills Family Month

Current Series

Family MOnth

Why do we seem to feel cared for by certain people, while others give us the impression we’re insignificant or in-the-way? How is it some families can hardly stomach one another, but others seem so close?

It turns out that science & scripture agree on the answer, and it's good news! All the research suggests certain practices have the power to turn a bad thing around, and make a good thing even better. So, what are these practices & how do we apply them? That's what Family Month, and this teaching series, is all about.

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Ozzie Vaca

Ozzie and his wife Anna Vaca lead the Riverside English and Spanish campuses. They are high energy, fun, loving individuals with a passion for the community of Riverside. Ozzie’s messages are easy to understand, uplifting, and relatable to day to day life.

  • "This church has changed our lives around and it is continuing to change it for the better. We never thought we would find so much love in one place and devotion to serve and care for others. God is wonderful and I am blessed that he has brought my husband and I to this place."
    Nancy R.
  • "Ever since Ruth began attending South Hills, she would always speak of how wonderful and how moving the church was. Once I came home from overseas, I began attending and shared the same feelings as her. It has been a wonderful experience being a part of the South Hills family."
    Pablo C.
  • "At South Hills Church, you feel an authentic hospitality when you are greeted in a genuine family atmosphere. The worship experience is vibrant and creates an atmosphere of sanctified spiritual energy where we can celebrate Jesus."
    Justin & Debbie H.